Company Profile

Company Profile

ANDREETTA Costruzioni Metalliche builds civil and industrial steel structures.

The Company’s expertise is founded on 40 years’ experience in the metal structures sector, dating back to 1965, when Giancarlo Andreetta, founder of Andreetta Costruzioni Metalliche, started his business in the metal construction sector.

The business now boasts a tried and tested, reliable structure that is committed to building and assembling steel structures for worksites throughout Italy and the rest of Europe (Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom ).

Our strength is a passion for steel.

This is the cornerstone of our ambition to achieve ongoing improvements in our production cycle, aimed at achieving ever-higher quality standards and the drive to invest growing resources in new plant, staff, cutting-edge technology and leading suppliers.

This has made Andreetta Costruzioni Metalliche S.r.l. one of the most solid and competent players in the steel construction sector.