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Our production involves a large number of processes that differ from each other according to the different types of materials. The main processes of our business that do not concern the welding process or protective treatments are the following:

    • Hot cutting of sheet metal thickness> 30mm with oxy-fuel
    • Hot cutting of sheet metal thickness <30mm with plasma or laser
    • Cutting tubes and profiles with laser or miter saw
    • Hot or peak drilling
    • Cold crimping of sheet metal with chamfering machine
    • Hot crimping of sheet metal with bevel plasma cutting
    • Manual crimping of profiles and tubes
    • External threads of tubes and rods, internal threads of holes on sheets or profiles
    • Sheet metal bending with press brake
    • Sheet metal bending with calender
    • Bending of profiles and tubes
    • Mechanical flattening, turning, boring

Our historical network of subcontractors allows us to expand our production range, for example with sheet metal bending up to 14 meters in length, bending of pipes and beams and up to 600mm height or to perform mechanical machining on components up to 15 meters long.

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